• Q – Can an end-user submit a review on a 3PL anonymously?
    A – Yes, once an individual end-user account is set up and approved by 3PLAdvisor.com, the user can submit reviews on the 3PLs they use anonymously.

  • Q – Can a competing 3PL submit a review of another 3PL?
    A – No, we do not allow it in any form.

  • Q – Does 3PLAdvisor.com share end-user account information with any other parties?
    A – Individual account information is only shared with Armstrong & Associates, Inc./3PLAdvisor.com personnel and is not sold to any third-parties.

  • Q – How are the 3PLs ranked?
    A – 3PLs are automatically ranked by overall and specific geographies and by the general services performed based upon reviewers’ overall ratings of the individual 3PLs.

  • Q – Can a 3PL respond to a negative review?
    A – Yes, a 3PL can respond to a negative review and if the response is approved by 3PLAdvisor.com, it will be posted with the original negative customer review.

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